Children’s festival at the NYCPF

The children’s area at the NYC Poetry Festival promises to remind kids that writing, like dancing or drawing, is about expressing themselves and exploring their world. To that end, we’re abolishing tables and chairs in lieu of immersive and interactive stations. Colorful signs will be posted beside a village of teepees prompting kids to write poems about what it would be like to be a fish, or what the sky looks like at night. Others, planted in a forest of balloons, asking what a thought is, or suggesting each line be started with fragments such as, I remember. Each will be accompanied by inspiration poems and poem helpers assisting any curious questioners.

Our balloon forest isn’t just for looks either! Children are welcome to write their original poems directly on them, because paper can be far too limiting.

Consider stopping by our free movement area [located in the middle of the teepee village] where music will be playing and poems will be read aloud for children to act out. Or take a seat on an expanse of damask fabric in front of the kids stage to hear children’s poetry and picture books read from some of today’s most creative authors.

And since no festival is complete without performance, every hour children are invited to read their brand new poems on stage to parents and kids alike.

So, grab your sunblock, and we’ll see you this summer on Governors Island!


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