Between The Sheets: The Poetry Brothel’s Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Parlor!

Between The Sheets: The Poetry Brothel's Valentine's Day Pop-Up Parlor!

The Poetry Brothel invites you for a quickie this Valentine’s Day in a pop up installation modeled after a red light district window parlor:

“Oh little larks of winter, how cold you must be, how lost in the whiteness of the snowy winter trees. Come warm your little wings by the fire of these words. This Valentines Day, The Poetry Brothel invites you to a most intimate encounter. Get between the sheets with the Poetry Whore of your choosing in an immersive, multimedia, red-light district window parlor. Close your eyes and let her words wash over you through the brush of our calligraphist body painter. Let the warmth of a poem wash this winter away. We’ll be waiting for you loves, at 394 Broome Street, with bottles of absinthe in our arms. Look for the red light.”


New Installation at NYCPF 2013: Spontaneous Generation House

Spontaneous Generation House is a space for gathering the energy of the festival into new collectively written work.  All are invited to share the words and ideas they find to inspire them from the New York Poetry Festival.  Poet Ashton Winslow will facilitate workshops to elicit your contributions and provoke your creative impulses.  There will be materials for writing and drawing, transcribing and editing the poems that emerge.  As a portfolio takes shape, written by everyone, you can then come to help read and perform the poems on a stage built out of your own words from the day.  Come be part of it!home-words-vector

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