Kickstarter Live! We Need YOUR help!

Why, hello! This afternoon we launched our Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to raise $5,000 in 30 days, and in less than an hour we earned over $1,000! That’s amazing, but we still require financial support to continue the tradition of bringing gorgeous poetry to NYC each summer. We’re seeking sponsors, donors and benefactors — organizations and individuals who share our love for poetry. You can make your very own tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Or, you can visit Kickstarter, watch Coldfront Magazine’s video from last year, read our mission statement and make a donation of any amount.

This all came from a dream. Like you dream of good poetry, and then suddenly a whale or a white mare or a boy on fire appears in your hand. We dream and make things real. When we created The New York City Poetry Festival last year, we dreamed of bringing together dozens of reading series and 100+ poets. We dreamed of poetry outside under the great sky and a furnished house complete with an installed, turn-of-the-century Poetry Brothel (remember the rocking chairs, the porcelain dolls and dogs, and the eerie, pearl-adorned dining table?)

Darling, it’s true: it has been challenging, but we are proud to bring a full, two-day festival of poems and poets to New York City each year. We have the poets (we’re in love with our headliners: Mark Strand, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Amber Tamblyn, Valzhyna Mort, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Joanna Furhman, Jennifer L. Knox and CAConrad – with more to come!) and the space (sunny Governor’s Island) but we still need your help.

Can you come closer? Can you help us out?

Remember, remember: each donation earns you a 2-day pass to the festival! And don’t you want to dress in your finest lace, wine-in-hand, and listen to the best poetry New York City (and beyond) has to offer?! We know you do. Check out our line-up here, and prepare yourself for a summer festival of inspiration! Donate today!