Happy National Poetry Month, Darlings!

It’s National Poetry Month, and we thought you might like to write some poetry for us! You are the reason we have created The Poetry Society of New York, to bring poets and poetry together, to celebrate the craft. So, we’ll be posting a prompt per day each day for the duration of the month. Throughout April, we’ll select five poems — the poet will win one of our books (Andalucia, My Own Fires or The Translation Project) and 2 free tickets to the 2nd annual New York City Poetry Festival! The prompts are exactly bizarre, maybe a little hyperbolic or perhaps a little funny — so take your poetry in any direction, and feel free to post multiple responses below. We can’t wait to hear from you, friends.

Prompt #1
April 1, 2012
Poem in which the city sleeps with its mouth wide open


5 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Month, Darlings!

  1. pdlyons

    Maiden Lane

    spoon-fed in the dark room ,
    curling quiet across the bed
    angels tiptoe all around,
    draped by butterfly hands.

    coming home to lands edge from the sea
    behind sunglasses and cups of old coffee the city stirs
    soft with age a brown wrapped overcoat
    room for damp cigarettes and no place else to go

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