National Poetry Writing Month: Prompt #2

As part of the celebration for National Poetry Writing Month (yay!) we’re giving you lovelies prompts. Just post your response below in the comments and we’ll choose 5 poets over the course of month to win a book and 2 free tickets to the 2nd annual New York City Poetry Festival! More details here!

Prompt #2
April 2, 2012
Poem in which the pineapple explodes and I meet my long-lost mother


4 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month: Prompt #2

  1. Judy L. Brekke

    i used to eat pineapple and ham
    in a scooped out pineapple shell
    loved the way the pineapple exploded in my mouth
    sweet, meaty with ham

    it makes me feel like i have met
    my long lost mother gone 12 years
    with a glisten in her beautiful eyes
    telling me there is never a dull moment

  2. pdlyons


    it was an old can
    you could tell by how far in i had to go to reach it

    it was dole
    it was the same kind my father used to eat –
    right out of the can
    whole circles on a fork
    slurped into his mouth

    anyway i was starving and it was too late to do anything about it
    the rye as gone as the money
    i hadnt even made it to the cover of darkness
    so i stood up with the can
    placed it on the counter
    rumaged arouns that drawer of endless junk

    found the can opener
    a little bit rusty but the thing would do the trick
    black bits on the gears just like the one my mother used for cat food tins
    but i was starving
    so i arranged things to work squeezed the handles together

    there was a knock on the door
    just about the same time the f’n can blew
    telegram left by a guy who didnt even wait for me to sign
    a spew and spit of pinapple a roar of profanity
    i could hardly read
    something about my long lost mother
    and papers needing to be signed

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