NaPoWriMo Prompt #3

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Prompt #3
April 3, 2012
Poem in which I am over the moon


9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Prompt #3

  1. The night was better when less bright,
    All our sins could hide that way,
    Not that there were any fallen bodies
    To drape over with the darkness,
    But it was nice to know we had the option.

    Back when the moon was new, we knew
    We had an opportunity at hand,
    Leaving the house for some smuggling
    And a bad case of money laundering,
    We could even steal each other’s identities.

    All we needed was a sliver of glare
    Leaking from a streetlamp or open door,
    Now even the alleys and gutters
    Are illuminated and easy to navigate,
    It excites you to see these worlds exposed.

    This is no new world to me, what we see
    Is no better than back in the daylight,
    The lunar bulb is full and pale,
    While we have lost our old hiding places,
    This is why I am over the moon already.

  2. pdlyons

    un titled

    back yards
    behind moon light hedges

    candle glow basements
    damp forgotten blankets

    long before parked cars
    a neighbourhood of ships

    and i would call you Helen now
    ask our gods now to be kind

    because for some twisted reason
    we were not.

  3. aballastforplanets

    Marbles like moons of glass

    The midday moon hangs overhead,
    half affirmed and stark as bone.
    A sudden movement absorbs the waiting,
    a tiny thumb flickers at the cat’s eye
    knocking one moment into the next,
    the oxblood into the onionskin,

    the pearl and the clambroth colliding,
    the galaxies and the bumblebees alive,
    drawing closer to the princess and the tiger,
    a green ghost whirling and all the German glass
    wobbles as they cross the sidewalk squares
    and all the little boys erupt in cheers.

    –Michael Ceraso

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