As part of NaPoWriMo, we give you today’s poetry prompt.

Prompt #5
April 5, 2012
Poem in which a dog and a cat meet and the cat is a dragon.

For the month of April, we’ll pick 5 winners who will receive free Brothel Books chapbooks and tickets to the New York City Poetry Festival this summer, July 21 &22. Check out the festival information here. So, post your response as a poem or stanza below!

And by the way, here’s a dragon puzzle the Poetry Brothel completed, you know,  on the top of The Madame’s 1890’s Louis Vuitton attache:


4 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO PROMPT #5

  1. duplexofthedamned

    Face to face with it, I loathed its hot foul breath,
    the hiss that exposed its fangs. Its fur, the hue of beaten gold,
    turned electric,
    each filament
    more savage than a porcupine’s quills.
    Its green eyes glared like alien stones.
    I stood firm. But then its claw
    like a flash of heat lightning
    zigzagged down my tender nose.
    I turned and fled the evil dragon-cat,
    while my treacherous mistress cooed:
    “Good dog. Good kitty.”
    –Angele Ellis

  2. Judy L. Brekke

    dog brown spots on tan
    enters moss covered forest
    sniffing, scratching
    dark black earth

    from an opening in a rock wall
    where water flowed swiftly
    into a deep blue pond
    of green lily pads with purple blossoms

    a large feline sits watching dog
    through mist of sparkling waterfalls
    slowly creeping out of rock opening
    towering over its visitor

    dog sits in green ferns under
    weeping willow tree
    watching the feline transform
    to a dragon of rainbow scales

    dog meets cat dragon
    diamonds drop from water
    willow tree weeps
    lily pads close over purple blossoms

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