Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful poem responses thus far! Wanna read your work this summer? Wanna attend your favorite readings AND get to hear special guests like Thomas Sayers Ellis, Amber Tamblyn and CAConrad read under the sun with a cold beer in your hand? Have children you wanna get into poetry? We’re trying to make it all happen for you! Head on over to our Kickstarter page and read all about the 2nd annual NYC Poetry Festival here!

Remember, write a poem in response to our daily prompts and win a chapbook from Brothel Books and two free tickets to the festival this July!

Prompt #6
Poem in which your sublime cerebellum is a motor and we go


One thought on “NAPOWRIMO PROMPT #6

  1. Judy L. Brekke

    An Acrostic…

    sandy feet
    under the
    beach umbrella
    legs greased
    in iodine and baby oil
    making my tan
    envious by beach sun bathers

    can sandpipers pecking
    everywhere feel the
    radiation of sun rays
    enveloping feathers even on their
    bellies white like
    envelopes from
    love letters
    leaving no words to
    understand ways in which
    minds work

    in time with


    mindless glare
    of reflections from
    tiny black pebbles
    on secluded beach
    rushed by waves

    where most memories

    great minds mesmerized by

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