NaPoWriMo Prompt #17

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Prompt #17:
Poem in which we raise a barn in Brooklyn


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Prompt #17

  1. A Barn by the Brooklyn

    We’ve all heard that you can buy a bridge
    But who’d believe a barn on the ridge

    It is said by all “Unity Makes Strength”
    And a farm will test that to the uttermost length

    A return to roots, or a reminder of the past
    A hope for the future to be connected and last

    In a land where we’re all supposed to melt in the pot
    Brooklyn has raised a barn on a plot

    And claimed that it shall ever remain
    A borough diverse in its weft and its skein

    And who said a barn here would break the Devil’s dishes
    Dollars to doughnuts its a sign someone has chased down his wishes

    So who would believe an Illy would buy a barn
    The Bridge itself was a better yarn

    But there she’ll stand and cause confusion
    A barn raised in Brooklyn, New York as fusion

  2. pdlyons

    I was a barn raised in brooklyn
    full of empty space
    hoping to be filled
    hay bales
    daughters of farming people
    and the sons too
    only the open door
    and a darkness no one
    cared for
    everything that ever could have been
    run out
    and no amount of pounding
    could make the pavement
    accept even one fence post

  3. Jim Donahue

    Lightning rods and amber waves
    pecked over by crows and the last of
    a sad generation of swine

    Farmer-less and an unlit silhouette
    sinking under the weight of moss
    leaning into the hillside, determined

    Lost its purpose not its looks

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