We need you!

Tree Swenson, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Patricia Spears Jones (Photo: copyright Lawrence Schwartzwald)

The NYC Poetry Festival Kickstarter ends in 48hrs, and we haven’t met our goal of $5,000 yet. We know you want to get some shorts on, grab a beer and a shiny new chapbook and lounge under the sun to the sound of your favorite poetry reading series. We know you want to meet new poets, and explore the kid’s festival, and check out our awesome merchants. So, donate today! You totally get goodies when you do, and any little bit will help us make your festival the best it can be!

NaPoWriMo Prompt #27 (respond for a chance to win tickets to the festival!):
Poem for the orange grove in which I am sleeping 


One thought on “We need you!

  1. pdlyons

    Last Poem Before Oregon

    Slept in groves of oranges
    Visited by only wet nurse bees
    Shaded by impossible leaves

    Clouds the drifting shapes of which made harlequin
    Dreams disturbed gently by nimble hums
    A voice like Marcello young again

    Lip sticking fully curved
    Remember the time
    We discovered our deep lush alikeness

    And rose, perfect stamens
    A fruit of aching beauty

    (for Olga Blue)

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