National Poetry Month Winners & Goodies

April has come and gone like a girl you loved once. Now you’re left with all of these words, piles of them, waiting for a home. Some of you might have written them for us, after reading our daily NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) prompts.

Thank you to the many poets that shared their imaginations with us. As the Poetry Society of New York, we want to bring voices together, and what better way than to write spontaneous poems! We loved so many of your poems, but we chose a select few. These poets will receive tickets to the 2nd Annual New York City Poetry Festival this summer and our chapbooks, My Own Fires by Lauren Hunter, Andalucia by Lisa Marie Basile and The Translation Project. Goodies!

Congrats to PD Lyons and Judy Brekke.

Prompt: Poem in which we raise a barn in Brooklyn
Poem we love:

I was a barn raised in brooklyn
full of empty space
hoping to be filled
hay bales
daughters of farming people
and the sons too
only the open door
and a darkness no one
cared for
everything that ever could have been
run out
and no amount of pounding
could make the pavement
accept even one fence post
— pdlyons

Prompt: Poem in which the asphalt grows asphalt trees
Poem we love:

black asphalt grows asphalt trees
brown asphalt leaves
tan asphalt berries
in a jungle
deep below the
tar babies
Judy L. Brekke


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