The Poetry Brothel’s Equine Equinox: The Horses of Spring

The Poetry Brothel's Equine Equinox: The Horses of Spring

Dearest Friends,

Oh Winter, poor Winter’s days are numbered. February had a little too much to drink and went home. Gallop into the light with us as we celebrate the Equine Equinox and sing the Horses of Spring! The Poetry Brothel will gather at The Forgotten Works Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn to celebrate the word, the triumph of day light of the shrinking darkness, and, with particular enthusiasm, the horse. Our cast of Poetry Whores will be joined by aerialists, burlesquers, cat whisperers, and diviners all equally enthusiastic about our elegant equine cousins. There will be live music, spirits, tarot, body paint, women flying through the air and shadow puppet theater all focused on the horse, the lengthening day, and your bright spirits. Come sing, and dance, and drink, and dream the sleepy night away with us. Featuring performances poems, myths, burlesque and aerials by:

Jennifer Knox
Niina Polari
Carina Finn
Lisa Marie Basile as Luna Liprari
and Rachel Boyadjis as Cosette Chapiteau

This time loves, consider us the Post Office, consider us determined, nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail, nor hell fire thick, nor barshee’s wail, nor hurricane wind, nor blizzards wrath, will prevent our band from completing this task. Doors are at 9pm kiddos, this is going to be a great night!!


The Horse Whispers

Buy your tickets here or at the door:


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