Three Mysterious Histories of the Smoking Hand

Imagine a hidden speakeasy. Imagine yourself wound in pure black silk, your hair in stiff, delicate finger waves. Or do you wear a fitted black suit, a smart hat, pearl cuff links? Either way, a pistol is hidden on you somewhere enticing, ’cause this is noir, sweetheart, and this is the Poetry Brothel.

Come join us this Sunday, the 15th of April, 8pm-2am for live jazz standards, intimate poetry readings by your favorite poetry whores (you’re following them all on Twitter, aren’t you?), and a mystery to be solved! It seems that some scoundrel has pilfered the Madame’s smoking hand, and we need you to help us figure out who!

So dress up, darlings, we certainly will. Come in black and white; show your true colors. We’ll be painted head to toe in shades of grey, impatiently awaiting your arrival. And remember, a seductive brunette will serenade you for the whole first hour; we know you wouldn’t want to miss that! Bring your doll. Throw her around the dance floor. Spill your Dark and Stormy. Ok, ok, you know what we want from you. See you there. Bang, bang, kiss, kiss.

– The Management

Sometimes we’re like, “Why aren’t they HERE for this!!!”

So, these girls (Carmel and Teresa) have been working on a documentary about us for the past couple months. They’re graduate journalism students at Columbia, and we think they’re just swell…even if they do get right up in our faces when we’re eating a salad. We’ll have to take a picture for you. Check back. Until then, here are two clips that the girls had to put together to prove to their class/professor that they’re on top of this whole business (which, as you’ll see, they totes are):

The Poetry Brothel in New Orleans!

That’s right, darlings, last week we officially started our branch in glorious New Orleans. We felt as if we’d come home, Storyville being our original model for the brothel. We know you want pictures, so here they are. Wanna keep up with the NOLA branch? They’re totally on Facebook. Wanna know more about the trip? Check out Carina Finn’s blog.

Now we’re back in NYC having meetings and continuing to plan for the 2nd annual festival on Governors Island. Check it out here!