Retired Projects


Brothel Books was the short-lived publishing arm of The Poetry Brothel. The Poetry Brothel has long been a proponent of bringing poetry to the masses–-exclusively, and with absolute discretion. Likewise, The Poetry Brothel’s publishing arm, Brothel Books, published the most intimate, most charming, and most crafted works we could find by The Poetry Brothel’s poets across the globe. Here is our list of titles, all of which are still available for purchase:

My Own Fires
Inside Me A Whale is Taking Shape
The Translation Project


Quartier Rouge was a video literary journal put out by The Poetry Brothel. In the spirit of The Poetry Brothel, Quartier Rouge boldly attempted to bring the intimacy of poetry to the Internet. While each shooting location was designed to provide the ideal environment for each poem, the videos themselves were low-tech, under-produced and raw in the interest of preserving some of the haziness and vulnerability that goes along with a live private reading.


The Ear Inn resides TriBeCa in the historic James Brown house, built in 1817. Ted Greenwald and Charles Bernstein started The Ear Inn Series there in the Fall of 1978 with the Lally/Ashbery reading. The series migrated around the city and ran for another 20 years before going into hibernation. In 2013, The Poetry Society of New York brought it back to the Ear Inn, featuring Charles Bernstein, Mark Bibbins, Rachel Zucker, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Spencer Short, Matthew Yeager, Paige Taggart, Monica McClure, Sharon Mesmer, MacGreggor Card, Lauren Hunter, John Casteen, Danniel Schoonebeek, Amy Lawless, and Lucy Ives in its yearlong tenure there. The Ear Inn Series has now gone back into hibernation for the time being. We’ll let you know when and where it emerges!

Ear Inn NYC