The Typewriter Project

photo 4The Typewriter Project is a series of site-specific literary installations which invite passersby to join in a citywide linguistic exchange that exists in both the analog and digital realms. These typewriter booths are each outfitted with a vintage typewriter, 100-foot long paper scroll, and a custom-built  USB Typewriter™ kit, which allows every keystroke to be collected, stored, and posted online for users to read, share, and comment upon. The project is largely inspired by the idea of an Exquisite Corpse, a surrealist writing game in which several authors contribute to one poem. Obviously each entry in The Typewriter Project can be its own distinct lyric, but we hope that users will also be influenced by what was written before them on the scroll. By creating a new and unique form of public dialogue, this project hopes to capture something of the sound, narrative, and nuance of specific corners of the city. The Typewriter Project’s mission is to investigate, document, and preserve the poetic subconscious of the city while providing a fun and interactive means for the public to engage with the written word.

The Typewriter Project’s first installation appeared on Governors Island in July 2014. It has since been exhibited in Tompkins Square Park, Pen + Brush Gallery, and STORY. This summer, from Saturday, June 11th-Sunday, July 24th, the project will appear in McCarren Park at N. 12th Street and Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn. The hours of operation will be Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm and Saturday & Sunday, 12pm-8pm. The Typewriter Project will also appear at the New York City Poetry Festival on Governors Island on July 30th & 31st.

The Typewriter Project has been made possible by The Trust for Governors Island, The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Manhattan Community Arts Fund, NYC Parks, The Trust for Governors Island, USB Typewriter™Hoban Press, Valley View Farms, and “The Monster.”

Read entries from past installations of The Typewriter Project at

4 thoughts on “The Typewriter Project

  1. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for this project to start this summer!!! I hear you have a great staff lined up to sit in the booth all day!

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